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The New Hollywood Star: Enzo Zelocchi

The New Hollywood Star: Enzo Zelocchi
While Europe is well known worldwide to produce multitalented filmmakers who can don different hats behind the scenes as well as in front of the lens with equal élan, Hollywood has not been very generous to create such talents. Until now that is. Enzo Zelocchi has become a name to reckon with, thanks to his multifaceted personality and versatile talent. Enzo Zelocchi has already been accorded a ‘Star’ status in Hollywood by Indie film lovers and movie buffs that love meaningful cinema and know how to acknowledge talent. Besides, his feature films have also been nominated for popular awards. What is different about this Hollywood actor or writer or director or producer is that he is exactly all of those in the same breath.
The last well known name in Hollywood who could manage to pull off so many roles in filmmaking was perhaps Mel Gibson. For more information, the two movies that came to my mind were ‘Braveheart’ and ‘Passion Of The Christ’. Although Mel Gibson was already a star by the time he donned multiple hats, Enzo Zelocchi has stepped out with all the versatilities that he had in him. A graduate in marketing, media strategy and public relations, Enzo certainly knows a thing more than normal people about the science of the entertainment industry. Talking about his art or the creative bent, it can be traced back to his Italian and French lineage or perhaps the several extended families that he has lived with or the eternal quest for the new that becomes so obvious from the man’s attitude.
Enzo Zelocchi started his acting career in Italy back in 2005 when he played Ivan on ‘Un Ciclone In Famigilia’ and his journey in Hollywood started with the role of Mike in ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ in the year 2009. 2010 and 2011 saw him coming to his own terms and rolling out ‘My Little Princess’ (2010), ‘67th Street, New York, NY’ and ‘The Way To Paradise’ (both 2011). Aged 28, Enzo Zelocchi is certainly set to become a star in Hollywood. With directors and producers willing to experiment, same old success recipes falling flat in the commercial industry and with the need of fresh faces that can come up with impressive stints, the future certainly holds a lot of promise for Enzo Zelocchi.
As for the fans, they would love to see him on celluloid doing what he does best.

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